Selling Art in Kentucky

Oct 12, 2012

Creating art and selling it are two very different things.  In marketing their creations, the executive director of the Kentucky Arts Council, Lori Meadows says many artists struggle with setting a fair, but competitive price.  “Really looking at pricing, what kind of marketing that you can do as an artist that will promote the image that you want to put forward,” said Meadows.  To further their businesses, Meadows says artists must work well with buyers and galleries.

“Working with buyers and galleries as artists are looking at more than selling to the general public.  They might be looking at selling wholesale or working at galleries or working with galleries to represent their work,” added Meadows.

October is a busy month for fall arts and crafts festivals.  Then, the holiday shopping season begins in November.  Lori Meadows says artists should create and maintain relationships with potential buyers

"They need to have a way to reconnect with people.  Let them know about future shows that are coming up or if they have someone coming through with a gallery or maybe for another festival or market, something like that.  They need to have materials to send away with those folks,” said Meadows.

A recent marketing workshop in Berea attracted about 50 artists, and another is planned for November 9th.