Secret Service Starts To Share (A Little) On Twitter

May 10, 2011

We were hoping (but not really expecting) to go there and find something like this:

#VPOTUS cracks us up. But one more Amtrak story and we're putting in for overtime. Special Agent training doesn't prepare you for that!

Alas, the new U.S. Secret Service Twitter page is focusing on serious subjects.

It went live on Monday with tweets such as these:

-- "During National Police Week, the Secret Service pays tribute to our fellow law enforcement officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice."

-- "Today, the 300th Special Agent Training Class graduates from the Secret Service training center. Congratulations, SATC 300!"

-- "Most agent classes have 24 students and train for 27 weeks. Learn more at"

Which are all fine. And as Secret Service Assistant Director Mickey Nelson says in an statement announcing that @SecretService is up and running:

"By using social media sites, we hope to supplement our recruitment efforts, while providing an informative, helpful tool to businesses and individuals who are interested in information from our agency."

But we're still going to watch, and hope, for some fun.

By the way, we looked and don't find a Twitter page for the CIA — which is on YouTube and Flickr. Copyright 2011 National Public Radio. To see more, visit