Saying They Can't Stop, Many Drivers Know Texting Is Unhealthy

Aug 8, 2013

 Regardless of age, Kentuckians seem willing to accept tougher penalties for people who both text and drive.  The state Wednesday made it easier to revoke the licenses of repeat offenders.  Current state law prohibits sending text messages by a vehicle’s operator. This week, through executive order, the Governor made the revocation of a driver’s license easier.  If they get enough points, the license is revoked. Lexington’s Curtis Gentry agrees with a stiffer approach.

Credit VCU CNS Photostream

“I think it’s a good idea.  It’s mostly kids, but I know older people probably do it too.  Every time you pass somebody slow or not paying attention, you’ll see them either on the phone or texting and it’s dangerous for everybody,” said Gentry.

The Commonwealth has banned the sending of text messages while driving since 20-12.  This week, the governor said violators would have three points levied against their licenses….earn 12 points and the driver’s license is revoked.  For minors, it’s seven points.  While visiting a Lexington music story, 20-year-old Will Burk agreed tougher repercussions are needed.

“I’ll be with my dad and he’ll catch me doing it.  He’ll get on me bad because it’s really dangerous.  It’s gotten worse and worse for me. I see everyone else doing it.  It’s not like I’m trying to, it’s just kind of an instinct.  Just pull out my phone and use it and it’s not good.  We need to change, that’s for sure,” added Burk.

In Kentucky, over 53,000 crashes in 2012 were attributed to distracting driving.