Sandy Experience for Red Cross Volunteer

Nov 8, 2012

Wintery weather continues to hamper relief efforts in states like West Virginia, which were hit hard by ‘Super Storm Sandy.’    A Kentucky Red Cross volunteer got an up close view of weather-related problems in two West Virginia communities.  Southern Kentucky resident Ron Shipman helped with food preparation at shelters in Beverly and Kingwood.  “Sandy” dropped two feet of snow on Beverly.  Shipman says the biggest issue facing most residents was the loss of electricity.

  Shipman says some residents chose to spend money on fuel over food.

“They were spending all their money for gasoline to run generators that they had.  A lot of them were actually coming in to eat because they didn’t have the money to buy the food now because they were trying to keep the food they had frozen and stuff, so that had an impact,” said Shipman.

Shipman says air drops of food were need in some remote, rural communities..

“They’re doing quite a bit of that all through in the back areas where they knew they couldn’t get to people.  Again, it might be another week because that’s how much damage was done to the road as far as the snow and the trees.  Cause it was, it was pretty steep, pretty hilly.  I don’t think I hit a straight road the whole time I was in West Virginia,” added Shipman.

This weekend could provide better conditions for recovery.   Temperatures are predicted to reach well into the 60’s.