Sanders Brown Center Receives $8 Million to Support Alzheimer's Effort

Sep 1, 2016

A senior investigator at Lexington’s Sanders Brown Center on Aging is optimistic about the availability of a breakthrough drug to fight Alzheimer’s disease in the not too distant future.  

Col. Harland Sanders, John Y. Brown Jr. and John Y. Brown opened the Sanders-Brown Center On Aging building in May 1979. Photo courtesy of John Y. Brown Jr.
Credit Linda Blackford - Lexington Herald-Leader

Greg Jicha participated in Thursday’s funding announcement at the University of Kentucky.  The Center on Aging has been awarded an $8 million five-year grant from the National Institutes of Health.  

Jicha says drugs are being studied that will come at Alzheimer’s from all directions.  He says it's not unrealistic to expect disease-modifying medicines or cures for Alzheimer’s within the next few years. 

Sanders Brown Director Linda Van Eldik says hundreds of clinical studies all over are testing medications.  She says the grant money will go to support everything from research to clinical programs to data collection.​