Safety Concerns Bring New Canopy to Lexington City Hall

Dec 12, 2013


It’s a different look to the front of Lexington’s city hall these days.  Safety concerns have prompted the removal of a 30-by-17 foot metal canopy from the Main Street entrance. General Services Commissioner Jamshid  Baradaran says inspectors spotted structural problems.

    “We’re concerned primarily with the building’s safety, making sure that we got a building that’s got a good quality roof on it and functioning in terms of electrical and HVAC and so forth and life and safety and really to be honest with you with the limited funds we’ve got, we have to maximize whatever funding we have in those specific areas,” said Baradaran.     A council member says it might be a good time to also install a revolving door at the Main Street entrance.  However, Baradaran  says it’s just not feasible.     “There used to be a revolving door there and it did not work and so that was a cause of a problem, that’s why the building is set up the way it is right now at the point of entry and a thermal break in between, you got those double doors and so forth,” added Baradaran.    Council member Bill Farmer would like to see consideration given to some type of upgrade for the front entrance.    “Cause it looks like a little cheese box on the front and then you step in, and you’re in kind of a vacuum area, before you step into the lobby and I think we could just make it a little more welcoming to the public and little bit better looking for a city of our age and a building of this stature,” said Farmer.    Baradaran says a replacement canopy could cost over 100 thousand dollars.