Rupp's Architects and Rebuilders Named, But Financing Still Elusive

Jul 10, 2013

Credit Courtesy of Spacegroup

The architects and construction firm that will reinvent Rupp Arena and develop a convention center have been named.  NBBJ Group along with local architects will do design work and Hunt Construction Group will rebuild Rupp and a separate convention center.  Financing for the project, which could cost hundreds of millions of dollars, is not yet firm.  Lexington Center Board Chair Brent Rice says an online capital drive could collect contribution for the projects.

“Green Bay Packers raised 62 and a half million dollars in 48 hours on line, and we believe and our consultants are validating this, that there at least that big of an opportunity here,” said Rice.

Rice says there are no plans to help fund the project with a local sale tax.  Governor Steve Beshear admits both local and state governments will help with funding.

There’s looking at all kinds of funding mechanisms.  Obviously the state will play some role.   The city is gonna play a role and a lot of these other mechanisms will play roles.  How that will all shake out, we’re not there yet,” said Beshear.

There’s no firm estimate, but the project could cost hundreds of millions of dollars.  Construction could begin in 2014 with construction taking another two years.