Rupp and Convention Center Designers to be Selected Soon

Apr 24, 2013

 In about a month, more details are expected on who should design the renovation of Lexington’s Rupp Arena.  The overall project to refurbish the sports arena along with the Lexington Convention Center carries an estimated price tag of close to 300-million dollars.  Frank Butler is project manager for the Rupp Arena Arts and Entertainment District.  “We’re really now starting to ramp this up.  I would anticipate sometime probably towards the end of May beginning of June, we will have selected our architects and our construction manager and we’ll be in full blown moving the project ahead,” said Butler.

In addressing the Lexington Council Tuesday, Butler said four consultants are about halfway done with their research in funding options.

“We’re in the midst of looking basically and examining all possible financing options for the Rupp project in the aggregate and we’re testing them against the realities of both budget issues and political processes, etc,” added Butler.

Butler says it’s a given renovation work on the upper arena at Rupp will mean relocation of parts of the Lexington Convention Center.