Route and Service Changes at Lextran Coming in 2016

Oct 23, 2015


Beginning next year, Lexington’s mass transit system will make numerous changes to its services.  Those include adding two-way Sunday service on routes 1-13.  The Lextran Board made the decisions Wednesday.  Some of the proposed changes were outlined to Lexington council members earlier this week.  Board Chair Jeff Fugate says improvements to the Vine Street transit center are also being considered.  “If you’ve been down there it’s a tough spot, but almost all of our riders, in fact up to around seven to eight hundred an hour will transfer there at its busiest peaks,”  said Fugate.

General Manager Carrie Butler told council members that meeting the health care needs of citizens is taken into account when changes are suggested.  “So, we developed the changes to this revised route 16 specifically for the new location of the health first as well as the UK health clinic and the BCTC Cooper campus,” explained Butler.

The board did postpone action on routes along Nicholasville Road, the Masterson Station Area, and the Northside Connector.  Lexington Council member Shevawn Akers expressed support for Lextran expansion.  “I believe the city definitely needs more public transit, not less, and we need to encourage that," said Akers.  "But, I also understand that it’s a cost to you all.” 

The Lextran Board also decided to suspend downtown trolley service.