The Root: CNN's Don Lemon Comes Out On Twitter

Nsenga Burton writes for The Root.

Tommy Christopher of Mediaite is reporting that CNN anchor Don Lemon has publicly acknowledged that he is gay by tweeting to his 89,805 followers Sunday night. Lemon linked to a New York Times story that reveals he is gay, and thanked his followers in advance for their support. Lemon made the announcement before his book, Transparent, hits shelves on June 16.

In and interview with the Times' Bill Carter, Lemon reveals that, while his sexuality was known to his colleagues, going public carries with it considerable anxiety, especially as it relates to the black community.

Lemon, who previously announced that he was the victim of sexual abuse as a child during an interview, says he hopes that coming out will make it easier for others struggling with the decision, and perhaps avert tragedies like the Tyler Clementi suicide.

Lemon has made a bold and brave choice by admitting that he is gay on Twitter. Transparency is, in fact, a good thing, and it is sad that people have to conceal core parts of their identity for fear of retribution. We keep saying that we have moved forward as a society. Reactions and responses to Lemon's announcement will be a litmus test for those beliefs.

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