Roof Repair Legislation Heads to the Senate

Mar 17, 2014

Louisville Representative Steve Riggs

When severe storms blow through the Commonwealth, less-than-reputable roof repair crews often times offer their services.  Louisville Representative Steve Riggs says legislation approved in the House hopes to remedy the problem.  "It's a terrible problem in Kentucky with storm chasers and contractors that do work on roofs that come out of state and are basically predators.

  They take people's money, they don't do the work.  They only do part of the work, or if they do work, it's very very shoddy and below standards," said Riggs.

 Riggs' bill requires a 250 dollar repair license fee and contractors must have appropriate liability insurance.  The legislation only applies to contractors who repair roofs.   Brownsville Representative Michael Meredith wonders about the new fee for people who do a variety of repairs.  "And many of those guys that are home builders in my rural area and rural areas across the state are also roofers.  They do that as a part of their business," said Meredith. Meredith admits there are problems in some areas, but adds "we don't need to be going after the good guys that are out there, that are out there doing a good job, just to get rid of the bad guys."  The bill is now before the Senate.