Roadway Litter Can Cause Safety Concerns

Jun 4, 2012

It’s ‘Adopt a Highway Summer Scrub Week across Kentucky.  This week, volunteers are working to pick up litter and other garbage along miles of roadway.  Natasha Lacy with the state transportation department says the need is much greater than the number of volunteers currently.  “The need is always there..we focus on about 26 thousand miles of state primary…state secondary supplementary and rural secondary roads.  And we certainly have more portions of highway that we can give volunteers groups to adopt for the litter pick up,” said Lacy.

In fact, while the need covers some 26 thousand miles of road, the number of people currently involved in adopt a highway covers about a fifth of those road miles.  Lacy says there are also serious safety issues to consider.

“Could be paper that is flying in the airway…also could be glass.   A lot of your litter is glass bottles that are tossed out of vehicles and  cans…so any of these types of pieces of litter can pose a potential safety hazard to the traveling public,” added Lacy.

Lacy says it’s not too late to get signed up to adopt a portion of highway to clear up.