Wed March 28, 2012
State Capitol

Road Budget Undergoes Further Changes

The Kentucky Senate Transportation Committee has amended the state road plan a second time. The committee met this morning to update and pass a two-year and a six-year road plan. Combined, the plans will fund the Ohio River Bridges Project in Louisville with bonds for two years, then federal highway funds for the following four years. That's a change from the House plan, which calls for highway funds to be used for all six years.

With only a few days until the legislature adjourns for a veto period, time is running out for both chambers to approve the same road plans.

“Well it’s gonna be a change, but I’m confident we’ll get it done in a timely manner so we can press on,” says Senator Ernie Harris, who chairs the Transportation Committee.

Transportation Secretary Mike Hancock expressed concerns about the two-year bond funding for the bridges project, but he says he’s happy the Senate returns to highway funds for the remaining four years.

“We recommended of course that we use interstate maintenance and highway funds straight up in the upcoming biennium and the Senate had recommended the use of Garvey bonds and either way the project is moves forward and we’re very pleased with that,” he says.

Lawmakers have roughly two days to agree on a road plan and pass it in both chambers if they want to preserve the power to override any potential vetoes.