Richmond Water Status

Jun 29, 2012

Drought conditions across many sections of Kentucky are prompting some local officials to consider ways to save water.  Voluntary restrictions are in place in Richmond.  City officials hope residents opt not to water lawns or wash cars this weekend.  Richmond Utilities General Manager, Scott Althauser says the level of the Kentucky River continues to drop.

“Even if it’s not in our area, if it’s in eastern Kentucky, then we’ll benefits from a rain in eastern Kentucky…cause you know as the river flows from Beattyville down to us a rainfall in eastern Kentucky would benefit our pool,..we should would love to have a rainfall ourselves too,” said Althauser.

Althauser says the water supply from the Kentucky River is currently adequate to serve the Richmond area.  He doesn’t anticipate any tougher restrictions over the weekend.

“No restrictions on commercial use right now…hopefully they can still water their vegetable gardens…kind of be proactive…do it at the right time of day in the it doesn’t all evaporate,” added Althauser.

Althauser says Richmond draws its water from one pool between two locks and dams along the Kentucky River.  He says the water supply level can vary from one pool to another along the river.