Residents Can Sound Off On Rupp Rebuild Wednesday Afternoon

Sep 17, 2013

Citizens get a chance Wednesday afternoon to comment on the revitalization in and around Rupp Arena.  Architects for the Rupp Arena and Town Branch Trail projects will be on hand for the two hour program.  Communications Director for Lexington’s mayor, Susan Straub says their primary aim is to gather the thoughts of local residents.

“Listen to a brief presentation from the architects and more important to give us their ideas about Rupp Arena, the Rupp District, Town Branch, all of the ideas that we’ve been talking about downtown,” said Straub.

Susan Straub says there will be no early drawings of a renovated Rupp Arena.  She says those should be released by the end of the year.  Straub says no firm price tag is yet set….

“That’s another thing we should have by the end of the year, we should have an idea of what it is we need to build and what we need to do to reinvent Rupp Arena, then we’ll have an idea of what it cost,” added Straub.

Some estimates set the cost of the Rupp rebuild at 300-million dollars.  The 4:30 meeting takes place at the Kentucky Theater.