Research Report Coming Friday

Sep 13, 2012

“Expansive” is the term Kentucky’s President of the State Council on Postsecondary Education offers to describe research at Kentucky’s Universities.  Bob King and the other members of the council will learn more about research efforts at the Universities of Kentucky and Louisville during a meeting Friday.  “In the long run, the payoff of having research success on our campuses can translate into economic prosperity in terms of creating more jobs for Kentuckians down the road,” said King.

Higher education officials look forward to an economy that can provide more state dollars for research.  While state lawmakers didn’t allocate new money for research last winter, another request will come in 20-14.  Bob King says a new incentive program could boost research at Kentucky’s universities..

“It would be on a one for one basis like Bucks for Brains but it would be for every dollar that came in new externally funded grants, we might add ten, twelve, or 15 cents per dollar from this pot of money that we had asked the state to consider creating,” added King.

Research and academics are seen as going hand-in-hand by many of Kentucky’s top educators.  Two Kentucky schools, the Universities of Kentucky and Louisville, carry a heavy emphasis in research.  King believes undergrads benefit when research is  done at state schools..

“What they also provide for those undergraduates is some remarkable opportunities at that level to get families with sophisticated research and increasingly undergraduate research is becoming part and parcel of the undergraduate education experience,” said King.

While much research occurs at U-K and U-of-L, King says research is certainly also a part of the overall program at comprehensive universities.