"Regulatory Hurdles" Hinder Green Energy

Today a group of US House Republicans introduced a series of bills to stream line renewable energy production, but Kentucky lawmakers say that still won’t help secure America’s energy future. Kentucky’s energy industry is up in arms over what they say are excessive regulations for coal. And a group of Republicans say that also extends to renewable energies on federal lands…such as geothermal and wind production. Kentucky Republican Ed Whitfield says the Obama Administration needs to free up domestic energy production.

“They’ve got too many regulatory hurdles on everything,” said Whitfield.

But Whitfield says the Administration ought to focus on abundant natural resources, like coal.

“Wind power has no chance of meeting any of our needs, so for me there’s priorities elsewhere to expedite for additional production of electricity,” said Whitfield.

The Obama Administration recently claimed it has sped up the regulatory process for domestic energy production.