Redistricting Guides: A Sampler

Jun 17, 2011

Redistricting is one of the more confusing parts of American democracy to the layperson.

To a certain extent that was intentional, at least historically, on the part of the legislatures and the lawyers who control the process.

So any help in understanding it is much appreciated.

There are quite a few good sources of reliable information out there.

The Washington Post has a redistricting page as well as a new scorecard that allows the visitor to get a sense of where the redistricting process stands in the states.

A much more ambitious and downright entertaining attempt to educate the public about the redistricting process is found at The ReDistricting Game created by the USC Annenberg Center.

The game, which has gotten a fair amount attention, actually takes a player through the redistricting process, having the player address issues like the "compactness" and "contiguity" of the districts.

A player can get a fairly deep exposure to the concerns that occupy the minds of those who reshape legislative districts. The site contains additional readings. It's well worth spending time on.

The Cook Political Report has a clickable map that provides a quick overview of the potential impact on congressional districts from the redistricting process now playing out in the various states.

The National Conference of State Legislatures also provides links to the web sites set up in the states to educate and update the public on the process.

These are just a few site. Readers are invited to add to this post's comments thread other useful sites.

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