Redevelopment in Downtown Lexington

Aug 8, 2012

When citizens complain to the city about poorly maintained properties, they go to Lexington’s code enforcement office.  Code violations can include cases of peeling paint, cracked bricks, and unsafe sidewalks.  The process for handling those complaints is under review at city.  Council member Steve Kay, who co-chairs the committee looking into the issue, says enforcing current regulations is a concern.

“The recommendations we have are a mix of a few things that have to do with the regulations themselves, but it’s more about the manner of enforcement, and the procedures that are followed, and increasing the transparency of the process,” said Kay.

By enforcing Lexington’s codes, Kay thinks the city can revitalize blighted neighborhoods and spawn new businesses. 

“What we’re really trying to do with infill and re-development committee is create conditions where that are optimal for investment and reinvestment and where people who are interested in doing those projects have as much support from the city as possible,” added Kay.

Kay says the panels suggestions may be sent to Lexington’s mayor and council members.