Recycling in the Park

Jul 25, 2011

New recycling containers now enhance the landscape of Lexington parks.  59 containers with one section for waste and another section for recyclables are being situated in parks.   Bill Clarke, who's with Parks and Recreation says the container handles various recyclables. “Primarily aluminum cans and plastic bottles, cardboard, paper.  We don’t like to get items that have been soiled or contaminated with food,” said Clarke.

Clarke says the impact of such a program extends beyond the parks.

“We hope that it will reduce the amount of trash that is sent to the landfill, first and foremost and also give people a chance to recycle just like they do at home,” added Clarke.

Parks are a popular spot for a picnic.  It’s important for park patrons to make sure they make good decisions about which slot to use, once the picnic is over.

“We have to be careful of food contamination in the recycling, you know with spoils.  It’s very difficult for people to work on the recycling line at our recycling center so we would like good clean recycling,” explained Clarke.

20  of the dual stream containers are already in place along with ten recycling dumpsters.  Funding for the containers come from a 50 thousand dollar U-S Energy Department grant.