Recycling Christmas Trees to Electronics

Dec 26, 2012

Lexington city crews are out and about scanning for cut Christmas trees in area neighborhoods.  The tree recycling program has been in place for years.  Outreach and Education Director Mark York says all kinds of evergreens are ground up and the mulch distributed throughout the year to area citizens.  “A live cut tree is again a resource that we can use and turn that into mulch, instead of that tree going to a landfill.  The most important thing for residents is to be sure to remove all the decorations and lights from the tree before we pick it up and take it to the pad where it will be turned into mulch,” said York.

Trees should be placed at the curb for pick up.  York says another busy place this time of year is the electronic recycling center off Versailes Road.

“We have all sorts of electronic devices, literally at our fingertips and so that means, after a few years we have more and more of those items that we no longer need so what we want to do is encourage people to recycle those items as well,” added York.

Mark York says the e-recycling center will take computer, printers, copiers, printer cartridges, hand held games, cell phones, microwave ovens, Televisions, monitors, CD’s, DVD’S, VHS and cassette tapes.  In 2013, York says there may be a bigger emphasis on turning food waste into a productive composting operation at Lexington area homes