Record Breaking Paving

Dec 13, 2012

This summer could seem like old times, times four, to Lexington’s motorists.  On average, Lexington spends  about three million dollars a year repaving city streets.    However, this summer the city will fund a four-fold increase in repaving projects in residential areas.   Council member Bill Farmer says many of those repairs are long overdue.

“Neighborhood by neighborhood there’s some tough streets and some pocked roads that we’re trying to fix, so this is bold stroke to do some catch up and I think it will be well received by the council, the mayor, and the public,” said Farmer.

The road work will be funded with a 13-million loan.  That’s good news for Brian Billings of A-T-S Construction.  During the recession, Billings says  two Fayette County asphalt plants stood idle.

“We would be glad to open those other two plants back up.  We’d be glad to put some people back to work and we can, without any question, handle the size of project that you all are talking about,” said Billings.

Streets and Roads Department Director Sam Williams says much of the road work will be done when traffic is slow.

“Course we always work with our traffic folks to schedule paving between the hours of nine o clock and usually around three o clock, so you don’t hit the peak hours there,” added Williams.

Williams says they might also do some nighttime paving.