Recanvass Sought in Western Kentucky Special Election

Dec 12, 2013

Kim Humprhey-Democrat in Senatorial Race

Democrats are seeking a recanvass in a western Kentucky legislative race in which a Republican has already claimed victory.  Republican Suzanne Miles of Owensboro had 3,568 votes, narrowly besting Morganfield Democrat Kim Humphrey's 3,436 votes in western Kentucky's 7th District. Humphrey requested the recanvass.

  The winner of the race replaces Democratic state Rep. John Arnold of Sturgis who resigned in September after being accused of sexually harassing legislative staffers at the Capitol. Republicans, who have been pushing hard to win majority control of the House, see the race as important because it would, depending on the outcome of the recanvass, move them a seat closer to their goal. Before Tuesday's election, Democrats held a 54-45 majority in the House.