Rand Paul Speaks in Lexington

Aug 19, 2011

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is traveling the state while congress is in recess.  In his speech to the Rotary Club, Paul again sounded the call for smaller government, lower taxes, and the repeal of President Obama's health care reform law. As for the 12-member super-committee formed as part of the deal to raise the nation's debt ceiling, the senator said he's confident it will find the necessary 1.2 trillion dollars in cuts, but expressed skepticism that the deal will have much effect. Asked what he's been hearing from constituents, Paul said economic frustrations continue to top the list.

"It's jobs and employment, it's the recession, it's high gas prices, it's high food prices..." he said.

Senator Paul also said he's ready and willing to campaign for Kentucky Republican gubernatorial candidate David Williams if asked.