Rand Paul Locks Down Senate, Again

Kentucky’s Junior Senator has once again locked down the U-S Senate. Republican Rand Paul is demanding party leaders allow a vote on his legislation that ends aid to Egypt.  

Paul can’t get through the Capitol this week without facing a throng of reporters. He’s delaying, or filibustering, a vote on a non-controversial judicial nomination. He says U-S/ Egypt policy is more pressing than other business. Currently nineteen American foreign aid workers under arrest in Egypt, yet the president’s budget still includes one point five billion dollars in aid to the country. Paul says the U-S needs to be forceful.

“The administration is still talking about giving aid to Egypt which I think is the wrong message,” said Paul.

After the judicial nomination the Senate is slated to take up a transportation bill that would provide Kentucky officials with an estimate of federal financing for upcoming transportation projects. Paul says he may hold it up too.   

“I don’t know if we’re any closer to getting a vote, but we’re trying to get a vote,” said Paul. 

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has warned Egyptian leaders their aid package is under threat.  Still many officials say cutting of aid completely is premature.