Raiders and Michael Jackson to Highlight 2017 Picnic With the Pops

Apr 18, 2017

Picnic with the Pops Announcement Tuesday at the Kentucky Theater
Credit Stu Johnson

The 39th annual of Lexington Picnic with the Pops is set for August 18 and 19  at Keeneland.  Details of the summer event were revealed  Tuesday inside the Kentucky Theater lobby. 

On Friday August 18, the Lexington Philharmonic will perform the soundtrack from “Raiders of the Lost Ark.”  The following night the orchestra will present the music of Michael Jackson.  

Lex Phil Conductor Scott Terrell expects lots of eye-catching decorations and outfits. “We’re looking forward to what people come dressed as and decorate their tables with, so hopefully no snakes on Friday,” said Terrell.  “We’ll be good otherwise.”

Terrell says the music of the 1981 first Raiders movie is second to none, adding people get swept away by the grandeur of the score.  The maestro says Michael Jackson’s music is timeless.

The Philharmonic conductor says the film/musical-entertainer combination is an attractive bill.  “I think that that’s one of the things that you want to do in terms of sustaining an event long term is to really draw on a broader demographic, broader audience to keep that moving ahead,” explained Terrell.

Last year’s Picnic with the Pops carried a Wizard of Oz theme.