Racing Fans Bracing for the Heat

Jun 29, 2012

Traffic congestion created some serious problems for last year’s inaugural NASCAR Sprint Cup Series at Kentucky Speedway.  This year’s event may be remembered for the high heat along with the competition.  The racing is scheduled in the evening, but qualifying does take place during the day.  Spokesman Tim Bray says visitors to the track can find shade on site.  “We are practicing and qualifying during the day…so we encourage fans to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate…and in addition to that…there are places underneath the grandstands and Kentucky tower and the Ohio tower so they can get out of the heat,” said Bray.

Temperatures are anticipated to reach or exceed the century mark the entire weekend.  During qualifying, track spokesman Tim Bray stresses first aid teams are at the ready.

“A lot of people see that infield care center and they think oh it’s just for the drivers or the teams or somebody in competition, but it’s for those in the infield, so we’ll take of you in there as well,” added Bray.

 Following Thursday night’s race at the Kentucky Speedway a second is scheduled tonight and the marquee event Saturday evening.  Speedway spokesman Tim Bray doesn’t expect the heat to impact the racing surface.