Pyrotechnics Fly, Explode Freely in Most of Kentucky

Jul 3, 2013

Weather permitting, most Kentuckians will enjoy a full array of fireworks this holiday weekend.  For over a year, state law has permitted exploding and flying pyrotechnics. State Fire Marshall Bill Swope says the only exceptions are larger cities that have enacted tougher local ordinances.

“I would dare say that over 75 percent of the communities across the state still allow fireworks.  I would encourage you or I would encourage the citizenry that if they choose to use fireworks to make sure that the community that you are in does allow for that,” said Swope.

Among the communities that ban flying and exploding fireworks is Lexington.  Swope says the number of retailers selling fireworks is down this year.

“Last year may have been a tough year for some of our fireworks vendors.  That could play a role and then quite possibly the fact that some communities have chosen to ban certain types of fireworks, no doubt has played a role in the number of registrations that we’re seeing currently,” added Swope.

There’s no time limit on lighting fireworks, but Swope says retail sales of fireworks ends July seventh, and don’t resume until December.