PSC Acts to Deter Copper Thieves

Jul 13, 2011

The Kentucky Public Service Commission is sending out another warning in light of a recent uptick in attempted copper thefts from electric substations. Spokesman Andrew Melnykovych says thieves have been targeting utilities because of the perceived chance to make a big score.

"The price of copper now is almost at a historically high level so we are seeing more problems with theft. Not surprisingly, some people seem to think that trying to steal copper from electric facilities is a good idea. It is an extremely stupid idea because you can get yourself killed doing it."

Melnykovych says the electrocution death last week of a man in McReary County shows the problem is getting worse.

"We had a fatality again last week where a couple of people allegedly went into one electric substation and removed some wires, thought they were pretty slick and went to another substation and one of them was killed in the process, so we are seeing fatalities again now and it never hurts to issue a warning."

Melnykovych says high prices for copper are prompting some people to throw caution to the wind. © Copyright 2011, wuky