Protests at McConnell's Lexington Office

Oct 12, 2011

With President Obama's $447 billion dollar jobs bill failing to clear a supermajority hurdle yesterday, Kentucky Senator Mitch McConnell says the country avoided another catastrophic stimulus bill. But a handful of McConnell's constituents decided to take their dissatisfaction to his Lexington office.

Speaking on the floor of senate yesterday, Senator McConnell took aim at the president's jobs bill. 

"By proposing a second stimulus, Democrats are showing the American people that they have no new ideas for dealing with our jobs crisis," he said. 

Today, with the jobs bill blocked, McConnell is hearing from supporters of the legislation. 

Close to a dozen demonstrators, mostly senior citizens, showed up at the minority leader's office Wednesday and were greeted by police telling them to move their protest across the street. The group, affiliated with, was headed by Rikka Wallin, who said the intent was to send McConnell a message. 

"... that we're not going away and that we still want jobs, not cuts. We would like the top one percent to be taxed instead of the bottom ninety-nine percent, who we represent," Wallin said. 

Senator McConnell was not present at his Lexington office during the protest. Supporters of the jobs bill hope a piecemeal approach will get portions of the bill passed.