Progress Being Made on Courthouse Repairs

Oct 29, 2013


Significant clean up and repair work at the Fayette Circuit Court building continues this week.  It was a week ago Sunday when water was seen spilling out an upstairs window.  Damage occurred on all four floors of the downtown structure.  But, Fayette Circuit Judge Pamela Goodwine says work is proceeding along pretty well.

“Things are progressing.  I think quicker than anyone anticipated.  They managed to clear out all of the water and the drying process is underway and practically complete.  What they are undertaking right now is actual renovation.  Drywall is torn out, carpet is torn up and they’re trying to get that replaced,” said Goodwine.

Goodwine says juror training is scheduled this Thursday in the multi- purpose room of the building.  She says some trials scheduled for this week were postponed.

“I don’t know if the continuances were the result of the flood, or the renovations, or the things like that or if the parties simply weren’t ready.  I can’t say.  But, I have a trial scheduled for November fourth, for four days, that is intended to go forward as scheduled,” added Goodwine.

The four story structure could open partially next Monday.  But, Goodwine says it will take some time to make all the repairs.

“We’re anticipating probably the end of the year, but don’t know whether that’s gonna be a realistic timetable or not,” explained Goodwine.

A valve in a toilet on the fourth floor failed and water spread throughout all four floors of the courthouse building.