Privacy Violated at Lexington City Hall

An investigation is underway into what a Lexington city employee said about other employees in the Division of Waste Management. At an April meeting of the Urban County Council's environmental quality committee, employee Richard Miller said that some garbage truck drivers were hostile during a training session and that three drivers were illiterate.

Civil Service representative Jeff Jones brought his complaint before the council Thursday night.

"That offends me because if we do have some that are illiterate, it's not everybody's business."

Jones demanded a public apology from Richard Miller and those who were present at the committee meeting. Vice Mayor Linda Gorton says she appreciated the matter being brought to council's attention.

"I'm not sure why any of us didn't say anything, whether we didn't recognize what was going on or whatever. But I do apologize. I have great respect for all of you who work for solid waste."

Council members discussed possible disciplinary action in a closed session of the meeting. Waste Management director Steve Feese held a meeting Friday morning with all of the drivers, where Miller apologized for his comments.