Primary Care in Lexington

Feb 22, 2012

Saying some low income residents need more access to primary health care, local officials want to beef up such efforts in downtown Lexington.   Health officials would like to open up another primary care clinic in downtown Lexington, in the Community Action facility off Georgetown Street.  Healthfirst, which provides primary care for the Fayette County Health Department, says it’s a good move.  HealthFirst Director William North says the new location is within easy reach of more low-income residents. In time, North wants to expand services to other parts of Lexington.

“The target we had identified in terms of a second location for health first was closer to the south side of town.  We identified that because there is a density of population in the southwest section that meet the demographic criteria that HealthFirst has,” said North.

The Health Department hopes to fund the proposed Georgetown Road facility with the help of a 12-million dollar federal grant.  Health Commissioner Rice Leach says the changing health care needs may prompt similar changes in the future.

“What do you do with all these resources, giving all these changes that are going on in health’s a decision for all these players to consider,” said Leach.

The health department owns facilities on Newtown Pike and on Regency Road.  A decision on the new clinic must be made by the health department by this fall.