Prichard Committee Meeting

Jun 6, 2011


Kentucky’s best known education advocacy group is examining new academic standards and what they may mean for both students and teachers.  The annual spring meeting is taking place at a central Kentucky state park.

The Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence has been getting together since 1983.   Members meeting at General Butler State Park will discuss new standards taking effect this fall.  Interim executive director Cindy Heine says some teachers are already using the new literacy standards.

“Teachers who start using new strategies and find that they’re working get real excited about teaching again.  These teachers are in that category,” said Heine.

Evaluating Kentucky’s teachers might be considered a work in progress.  Education advocates with the Prichard Committee for Academic Excellence are hearing about the “Measures of Effective Teaching Project” during a meeting at General Butler State Park.  The project is sponsored by Bill and Melinda Gates. Prichard Committee interim director Cindy Heine says the primary aim is to help teachers self-improve.

“And there are some that you might want to encourage to move to another profession, but I think the key is are there measures of how teachers are doing that are fair, that they would agree would be fair,” added Heine.

Newly chosen Prichard Committee Director Stu Silberman will attend the meeting.   The former Lexington school superintendent begins his tenure in September.