Preview of Lexington Sewer Repair Plan

Lexington residents can see details of a sanitary sewer proposal that will soon be sent to the EPA at public meetings hosted by the city's Division of Water Quality.  A remedial measures plan to fix sewer overflows is due to the federal agency next month. Water Quality director Charlie Martin says future repairs will affect many parts of Lexington. "This is really kind of a briefing for interested parties to see how this may impact my neighborhood or where I live. As far as in the next 11 to 13 years am I likely to see a sewer line that's behind my house or in front of my house, is it going to be replaced or not?"

The city is moving forward with a master repair plan based on a two-year storm model, or 3.2 inches of rain in a 24-hour period. Martin says the design model will mean major repairs costing more than $500-million over the next 13 years.

Department officials are holding public meetings across the city, starting with the East Hickman, West Hickman, and Wolf Run watersheds. [Click here to find your watershed.]

"As that particular construction project is nearing your neighborhood, we need to let you know about it well in advance before the backhoes and the track hoes and all that stuff show up at your door," says Martin.

Tonight's public meeting starts at 6 at Victory Baptist Church on Armstrong Mill Road. Another meeting is set for next Monday at the Fayette County Extension Office.