President's Unilateral Actions Upset Kentucky Republicans

Kentucky Republicans are upset that in the State of the Union address President Obama announced new areas where he plans to bypass Congress.   Republicans control the House, but President Obama says he isn’t looking for their approval for items such as increasing scrutiny of mortgage companies, spurring clean energy development on public lands and even taking steps that he says will spur economic growth. Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul the president should have been asking Congress for more support instead of telling lawmakers what he already plans to do without their aid.

“Yeah, and I think that’s really a problem is that working with us means actually asking us to pass something, not saying he’s going to do it unilaterally, so that could be a problem,” said Paul.

But Kentucky Democrats say the president is merely asking for Republicans to get on board with his plan while also showing force. As for getting the economy moving, lawmakers in both parties say they welcome the president’s call to make regulations easier on business, but Republicans say they’re still waiting for the details.