Presidential Polling Impact

Sep 28, 2012

Presidential political polling is in full gear right now.  One high profile national poll shows President Obama with a ten point lead over challenge Mit Romney in some key background states.  Centre College Political Scientist, Ben Knoll says it’s important to get a read from many polls.  “The important thing is not to look at any one poll, but to look at an average of many, many, many polls.  Even by reputable polling industries, the chances of any one poll being 100 percent accurate is very small.  But, the chances go up the more and more polls that are done,” said Knoll.

Knoll says an average of some 500 presidential polls show the President with about a four point lead over Governor Romney.    He says all these polls can help candidates get a better feel about what’s important to their constituents.

Early voting is found in more than half of the states across the country.  Some citizens are already casting ballots in the presidential race, almost six weeks before Election Day.  Knoll believes the benefits of early voting out weight any pitfalls.

“I would say that the advantages of the early voting system far out weigh those potential disadvantages.  Cause I see it, there are millions of people who have very difficult time getting to the polls on election day, where as the people who would change their mind, based on a debate or something like that are comparatively much fewer,” added Knoll.

Knoll says early voting doesn’t tend to produce a higher voter turnout.  He says often, people who would be voting anyway on election day, are the ones to take advantage of early voting.