President Praises Commonwealth College

President Obama highlighted an innovative Kentucky community college in his annual State of the Union address.  The president says a key to the economic future of the U-S is education and he told the nation that Louisville’s Metropolitan College Project is an example for cities across the country to mimic. Democratic Congressman John Yarmuth says the unique partnership between academia and the company UPS has helped thousands of Kentuckians.

“People have gotten academic credentials while they were working and had it paid for by a combination of public and private sources; it’s been a great success and it can be a model for other places throughout the country,” said Yarmuth.

The president urged the G-O-P to increase funding for creative education projects like the Metropolitan College even during this time of austerity. The president says he wants the nation to commit to training two million workers to leave school prepared for a specific trait. But many Republicans say the president’s speech focused too much on new spending priorities, such as education, without focusing enough on cutting the deficit.