President Obama Shares Spotlight With (Sometimes Scary) Easter Bunny

Apr 25, 2011

Monday was the occasion of the White House Easter Egg Roll and I'm guessing there were probably more than a few kids who were terror-stricken by the sight of the very large bunny seen with President Obama in the above photo.

I've witnessed such inconsolable fear myself. I once attended one of these South Lawn rolls and saw the toddler child of a friend shriek at the sight of a bunny the size of a man. Only leaving the White House grounds calmed the youngster.

And, really, who could blame the kid? Even when you know there's a person in the suit, there's something slightly unsettling about an anthropomorphized rabbit in a vest and wire rim glasses who resembles Teddy Roosevelt.

Anyway, it's all supposed to be whimsical and little escapism at the White House is a good thing now and again. Also, any chance to see the president of the U.S. doing a comic turn with someone in a bunny suit probably makes even a few toddler tears and nightmares worth it. Copyright 2011 National Public Radio. To see more, visit