President Hanly Funderburk's Impact at EKU

Aug 6, 2012

The eighth president of Eastern Kentucky University died over the weekend.  Doctor Hanly Funderburk passed away in his native state of Alabama.    Funderbunk is remembered for improving access to higher education, library services, and technology.  He served 14 years at the helm of Eastern Kentucky University.  E-K-U President Doug Whitlock considered Funderburk a mentor, who helped the Richmond-based university grow, despite tight finances.

.“Hanly Funderburk, in his years as president here from 1985 to 1998, presided over times of both great growth and retrenchment in terms of budget cuts,” said Whitlock.

“When you look at the data over the years at the students who have been served at our regional campuses, they are predominantly women, many of them are single mothers.  They are the classic place bound folks,” added Whitlock.

President Whitlock, who considers Funderburk a mentor, says the former president had a reputation as a person wary of new technology.

“But, that overlooks the fact that he’s the person that arranged for the funding that put this wonderful fiber optic infrastructure that we have in the ground around this campus in place and what makes the level of technology that we enjoy and take for granted on this campus every day possible,” said Whitlock.

The current president adds the university’s library also underwent major renovations and additions while Funderburk was E-K-U’s president.