Preparing for Natural Gas Power

Jul 11, 2012

An expansion in Lexington’s fleet of vehicles powered by natural gas could come sooner than later.  Natural gas supplies are currently high, and as a result, the price tag is low.  So, council member Bill Farmer says it might be a good time for a switch from gasoline.  “I think the opportunity to use natural gas to power potentially our bus system, the school buses our sanitation vehicles, any of our fleet vehicles including personal vehicles.  It’s an opportunity we can look forward to,” said Farmer.

Farmer asked for a study into alternative fuel sources. Council member Julian Beard agrees it’sworth investigating, but anticipates some limitations.

“Oh, I think that would be fine.  I would hate to get caught out somewhere near Waddy Peytona though and run out of gas, becausethey may not be able to answer us,” added Beard.

Lexington currently has 73 hybrid vehicles and two all electric vehicles.