Preparation for a 'Green' Lab at UK

Aug 3, 2012

A new laboratory complex at the University of Kentucky is expected to earn a high grade for ‘energy efficiency.’  The Center for Applied Energy Research facility hopes to earn a ‘Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design’ gold certification.  U-K sustainability coordinator Shane Tedder says it’s a multi-stop process.  “It’s gonna’ have a tighter building envelope with a more efficient heating, ventilation, and air condition system.  It’s gonna’ have on-site recovery of storm water.  It’s gonna’ have plumbing features that are more water efficient,” said Tedder.

Tedder adds they’ll also try to re-use as much of the construction and demolition debris as possible.   U-K Sustainability Coordinator Shane Tedder says it’s a process of continual improvement. 

“As technology evolves, obviously the building strategies and materials will evolve to keep up with that, but I think, what we see happening with energy sources, availability the economics of energy, are gonna’ also play a major role in how we build and where we build,” added Tedder.

Plus, Tedder says the new lab will capture and re-use its storm water.