Prayers Offered in Downtown Lexington

May 2, 2013

Father Norman Fisher participates in National Day of Prayer event in downtown Lexington
Credit Stu Johnson / Weku News

The 62nd National Day of Prayer was celebrated in communities all across Kentucky today.  A small crowd gathered in Lexington’s Phoenix Park during the noon hour.   A variety of public prayers were offered for first responders, educators, reporters, government officials and families.   Organizer David Fultz of the Church of the Savior says the event focuses on more than an hour in a downtown park.

“Well, with a sense of urgency to prayer for our country and perhaps more motivation to do that not only today but continuously,” said Fultz.

Chuck Wells offered a prayer for members of the military.  He served two tours in Vietnam and still has close military ties.  It’s been his experience that prayer is an integral part of service men and women and their families.

“And I’ve seen other men, enlisted men, officers alike in time of need and in time of tribulation, peril, difficulty, combat, people turn to God.  People that maybe wouldn’t have otherwise,” said Wells.

Unlike previous National Prayer Day services in Lexington, no prayers were led by representatives of non-Christian religions.  Pastor David Fultz says the national observance was founded as a Judeo-Christian event with the National Day of Prayer Task Force based in Colorado.