Power Plans for the Debate

Oct 8, 2012

A power outage during a 1976 Presidential Debate is still remembered by organizers of this year’s vice presidential debate.  A power loss in that meeting between Gerry Ford and Jimmy Carter helped lead to the creation of the Commission on Presidential Debates.  In 2012, the media’s digital technology demands even more electricity.  So, Centre College Vice President Richard Trollinger says portable generators will be their primary power source.

“But, it’s kind of counter intuitive.  Most of us think of generators as a back up power source, but in this case a generator becomes a primary power source and our regular Kentucky Utilities power is our back up,” said Trollinger.

This is the second go round for Centre College.  The Danville school hosted the vice presidential debate in 2000. Centre Vice President Richard Trollinger says that match-up between Joe Lieberman and Dick Chaney required a system for emergency, back-up power.    For Thursday’s debate, Trollinger says they’ve constructed a back-up system for accessing the internet..

“The good thing is that after the debate’s over that fiber optic cable will still be here and Time Warner’s ability to provide internet service for us becomes part of the college’s disaster recovery plan,” added Trollinger.

Some 500 media work stations at Centre College await reporters covering next Thursday’s debate.