Pop Culture Happy Hour: A Long Day's Journey To Mork And Mindy's House

Apr 29, 2011

As readers of this blog have likely figured out by now, host Linda Holmes is currently in London, where we can only presume that she's taking tea with the Queen Mum while sporting a comically oversized hat. This means, among other things, that she's turned the writing of this particular post over to someone who's spent recent hours 1) sleeping through the royal wedding; 2) memorizing round one of last night's NFL Draft on ESPN; and 3) drinking an entire two-liter bottle of Diet Coke without so much as bothering to pour it into a glass.

But first, we've got a brand-new Pop Culture Happy Hour for your time-passing needs. This week's episode kicks off with a brief discussion of the pulpily titillating HBO fantasy miniseries Game of Thrones, but we quickly veer off into the subject of adaptations — why some work and some don't, what we would and wouldn't like to see and ... man, you're just going to have to listen to Glen's idea. I cannot do it justice.

From there, it's on to a look at our respective Pop Culture Travels — the ways we've integrated songs, plays, movies and TV into our lives. As you can imagine, this involves a piazza, the film Wings of Desire and a pop-cultural destination as un-exotic as you'd expect from, um, one of us in particular.

And, of course, we close our latest romp with a look at What's Making Us Happy This Week, from a pop star's reversal to a feel-good shout-out on a beloved TV show.

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