Poor Fundraising Prompts Summertime Kettle Campaign

Jun 18, 2013

A holiday tradition will sound off in the heart of summer.  Salvation Army’s red kettles are a common sight during December.  But, next month, Lexington Salvation Army’s Townsend Miller says kettles and bell ringers will return to some store fronts.

“Our hopes are to ring the bell on July eleventh, 12th, and 13th.  That’s a Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  That will be kind of the end of Doing the Most Good Week.  We have about nine or ten stands in Lexington and Georgetown where we will be ringing.  So, not near as large as what we do during the traditional kettle season,” said Miller.

Miller says their fundraising during the last holiday season fell short of their goal.  He admits it will be a strange sight.

“I’m sure that many will be confused to whatever they see are red kettles out, especially during the summer and especially during July.  But we’re doing our best to promote the reason why we are doing it,” added Miller.

The money raised through mid summer bell ringing will go to meet various shelter needs.

“We use those funds for various things like whenever our food pantry runs low, we will make an extremely large trip to Sam’s Club or a local grocery store and we will purchase a lot of those supplies for the food pantry,” said Miller.

The Salvation Army spokesman says it’s their first summertime kettle campaign in this part of the country.  But, he adds the kettles have been hauled out during the summer months in other U-S cities.