Poll Shows Majority of Kentuckians Support Expanded Gambling

A recently released poll shows that a majority of Kentuckians favor the expansion of gambling in the state. Sixty percent of Kentuckians said they support expansion when asked a broad yes or no question about it, The Courier-Journal’s Bluegrass Poll said.

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Gov. Steve Beshear has said he's learning toward next pushing a "clean" bill—one that wouldn't specifically tie casino gambling to race tracks. Last year, a bill that did tie casino gambling to race tracks couldn't get passed through the General Assembly.

Now,  horse racing tracks are balking at not having their industry protected in an amendment.

The poll shows that every region of the state favors expansion—including for the first time  eastern Kentucky. But despite the positive poll numbers, opponents of gambling say any potential bill will fail because supporters can’t pick a singular approach to back.