Police Training for Pedestrian and Cyclist Crashes

May 23, 2013

Credit Louisville Metro Government

As summer approaches, more and more Kentuckians are likely to be out biking and walking.  The latest law enforcement techniques for investigating pedestrian and cyclist incidents are being stressed to officers.  A group of state and local police spent this week learning how best to conduct investigations involving vehicles and bicyclists or walkers.  K-S-P Sargent Chad Mills is with collision analysis in the highway safety branch.  Mills says motorcycle related crashes have been on the increase in recent years.  He says motorists need to have even a keener sense when it comes to bike traffic.

“Statistics shows us that it’s hard  for us to pick up motorcycles much less smaller and don’t even have the sound that the motorcycle has, being a bicycle so that’s always an issue,” said Mills.

Mills says most often the car-pedestrian crashes occur in larger cities.  In fact, he says there’s been a spike in those types of incidents in the Louisville area.  Mills says reconstruction techniques have change with new technologies.

“The way that we do what we call a forensic map or a diagram of the scene has changed from what used to be pencils and paper and rulers and tape lines is now lasers and cad systems and things of that nature,” added Mills.

Mills says a new scanner captures everything one would see in turning 360 degrees.  He says too many vehicle-pedestrian incidents still involve poorly lit areas and walkers in dark clothing.