Police Officers Sought in Lexington

Aug 10, 2012

Lexington is looking to boost the size of its police force.  Applications are now being accepted for a police academy. class.Lexington’s police department is authorized for 555 officers.  23 police recruits are being sworn in Friday, but the new count will still be significantly shy of authorized strength.  So, applications are being accepted now for a new police academy to begin in February or March.

Salina Goins is the police recruiting coordinator…

“There’s  a need overall for our whole department, yes.   For those that are in patrol, those that work in the detective bureau, those that are in the training academy, and those that are in our clear unit as well,” said Goins.

The Clear unit addresses community needs including gang related crimes.  Goins says some 200 people have already applied for the academy. 

“It’s very competitive yes, it’s very competitive and it is a long process.  So, it’s not like your everyday job.  The process starts now and it will probably be January before you actually get a conditional job offer,” added Goins.

The deadline for applications is September 20th.  Goins says the start up date for a new academy has not yet been determined.