PlayStation Network Comes Back Online, But Finds New Security Weakness

May 18, 2011

Sony had just reconnected most services for its PlayStation Network this weekend, when it had to shut down some of its services. The company suffered a major security breach, last month, that exposed the personal information of 100 million of its customers. Its services were shutdown for 26 days, while Sony reworked its security.

Today, reports CNET, bloggers found a new security weakness that forced Sony to bring down log-in pages for a few of their services. The Washington Post reports:, a gaming site, reported that it has demonstrated that hackers will be able to reset a PSN users' password using only an account's current e-mail address and the account holder's date of birth — both pieces of information believed to have been taken in the original breach.

Shortly after the demonstration, the site received an e-mail from Sony saying that the fake account's password had been changed. The hack has been confirmed by Eurogamer and users at the NeoGAF gaming forums.

On one of its forums, Sony said that PSN signing was unavailable because of "essential maintenance." It noted users could not log in to the following sites:

PlayStation forums

PlayStation Blog

Music Unlimited via the web client

All PlayStation game title websites

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